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As it always happens with the best things in life, we cannot have enough! We started by hiring you for only six days and a quick Rajasthan tour within our big trip, but we ended up with you for all the remaining 16 days of our holiday, wishing to have more. Now people may think this was the clever and astute maneuvering of a good salesman. Nothing farther from the truth. Mr Roy “little bear” never pushed in any way, unlike most of the people we met before him. All his suggestions were for our own benefit and, skeptical as I am, in the first days, we lost the occasion to listen to him. Do so, and trust him, as he is really there to help you with his big heart, such as when we were sick and he went off to buy some special herbal Indian magic-stuff for us and take care of me on my bedside. This man is of a kind that is difficult to find anywhere. He really cares for his guests who he considers as family and friends. But…..too much talking, let’s have some good memories and examples.The surprise visit to the country-side in Ranakpur was one of the best things we did. It was not in my plans, but we could already trust Gautam enough to follow him. Visiting villages and Indians from the country-side, with someone talking for you and being able to understand each other was an experience that no backpackers would do. And what about those cooking lessons…..other great things, the guesthouse in Jodhpur, owned by the gentle professor who was so nice to talk to. The food at the dhabas’, always a little bit adjusted by Gautam to suit our tastes. And the few times we wanted to splash out and stay in top hotels (twice we did it….), never a complaint from Gautam ! He always agreed to our crazy ideas! Tired of desert. O.K. let’s whip the Contessa (our car) to the Himalayas……and then to the Sacred Ganga…. Man, you’re a star, and we really really wish you the best with your little business because no one deserves it more than you do. See you next time in your beloved Bengal. With love. Your friends from Italy Fabbrix 29.08.04
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Submitted on: 29-August-2004


Colors, colors – red saris, green fruits, pink palaces and towns, blue temples in Pushkar, all these colors were a delightful experience!!! Thank you so much Dear Gautam for all these things during our trip in Agra & Rajasthan. We were like kings! I wish you the very best for continuation, hoping we’ll be able to see you again in India. I wish you also success and chance in your business further with the white Ambassador car !!! Tou tes mes amities Thomas Paris, France 1.9.04
E-mail : or Thomasremond@lemel.Fr
Submitted on: 01-September-2004

Cecile Raymond

Dear Roy. That’s with beautiful souvenirs that I quit you. Your human qualities, your good knowledge of Indian culture and your way of dealing with people and everything made our travel more interesting and secure. Thank you for what you are. Keep your eyes fixed on your ideals. Its your best direction. I passed very happy days with you. Cecile Raymond Lundi, Canada 23rd February, 2004 E-mail : Own site :
Submitted on: 23-February-2004
Patrice, tel
Ce petit tour en Inde a ete des plus depaysant. Nous avons particulierement apprecie la compagnie de notre chauffeur, Moukesh qui fait partie de l’agence de Mr Roy qui tenait a nous rencontrer durant notre tour du Rajasthan. Ce tour, bien que planifie par l’agence, reste flexible et n,hesiter pas a faire part part de vos suggestions qui seront necessairement pris en compte. Ils tiendront aussi compte de votre budget. Cela a ete un vrai plaisir et nous vous les recommandons vivement. Patrice, Virginie 1, Virginie 2, Elodie. tel : 0033563326909
Submitted on: 18-January-2004
Karine et alexandre
Suite aux recommandations du forum du routard, nous avons fait appel a liberty India travel don’t nous sommes satisfaits. Le chauffeur monsieur Deepak a une conduite tres prudente et est tres agreable. Il est egalement tres disponible, notamment s’arrete tres facilement pour prendre des photos quand nous le souhaitons. Il donne des conseils mais laisse la liberte du choix. En conclusion nous le recommandons a notre tour. Karine et alexandre le 14 avril 2005 E-mail : Karine et alexandre Adresse : 8 rue bouchere – 60440 PEROY LES GOMBRIES – FRANCE – Tel : 0033344396626
Submitted on: 14-April-2005
Claudio & Romy or
Dear Roy! Thank you very much for it was for you who took us – just arrived from Europe – by the hand right into the heart of India. It was not only your help in all kind of situations (stomach problems, cheating Indians,…..) but also your open heart our time together in Rajasthan. And it was also in your car where we learnt a lot about Indian music. Even though we’ve made good friendship, we’d like to say in our way – thank you very much for everything and we’ll always keep you in our heart. We wish you just the best for your future & we’ll think about you…..LOVE. Claudio & Romy 2nd July, 2002 E-mail : or Address : Claudio Thurneysen & Romy Day, Ottenweg 2, Ott – Soos Zurich, SWITZERLAND Ph. : +41 43 499 04 53.
Submitted on: 02-July-2002
Alexandre & Katell or
Dear Roy…… We spent 18 days with you all over Rajasthan….It was wonderful. We were the luckiest travelers to find you…… India wouldn’t be so beautiful without you ! During this travel, you’ were a GREAT driver ( you kept us ALIVE….), singer, doctor (thank you for Alexandre), teacher (you learnt us so many things about India, religious, traditions…..), cook…….and so many things…. We appreciated your honesty, your smiling, your kindness…..and so many other qualities. India was not always easy for us, and you helped us to succeed and to LOVE India. We hope we’ll be back too travel all over Bengal & Orissa. May ALL YOUR DREAMS become REALITY……(as ours of visiting India!) THANKS FOR ALL. Alexandre & Katell Rajasthan, 14th July – 2nd August, 2003 E-mail : or Address : 10 IOC M.Bokanowski, 92600 Asnieres, France
Submitted on: 02-August-2003
Sam & Sammy
To Our New Friend, Gautam ! We had a really nice time touring Rajasthan with you. India is so crazy and we love it ! Thank you for the care you showed us when we were sick and for worrying about us on our impulsive shopping sprees. We know that we were sometimes a bit fussy….So thank you for putting up with us – changing rooms and so on. Soon we are sure your “big dream” will come true, so next time we come to India you will be picking us up in your new Indigo!!! Best of luck in the future. LOVE. Sam & Sammy 24.10.03 E-mail : Address : 31, South Terrace, Strathalbyn, S.A. 5255, AUSTRALIA Ph : + 61 411 454 606 – Sam + 61 401 047 089 – Sammy
Submitted on: 24-October-2003
val hardy
A very well organised tour - tailored to meet our needs and with just the right degree of sightseeing and relaxing. Flexibity also possible compared with group tours far more customer friendly. Well looked after throughout tour - good advice on what to pay, what to tip etc. Thoroughly recommended
Submitted on: 28-October-2005
jon hardy
Roy helps to make an Indian trip so much more enjoyable with his helpful advice and insider knowledge. He guides you through the fun and chaos of India. I had a great time and recommend roy to anyone thinking of making the trip. You meet alot of people here who have booked a bad driver and it ruins their holiday, but with roy that worry is gone. Have fun!!
Submitted on: 28-October-2005
Althea Willette
I have had a terriffic time with these gentlemen. Everything was so comfortable and easy. I wanted some specific things: to shop for antiques, to consult an Ayurvedic doctor and get massage, to hear local music, to visit the Temple of Hanuman the monkey god, and so forth. They found everything for me, and much else as well, not in any guide book. My trip was very safe, very healthy, beautiful, interesting, and stress-free. I am very happy I signed on with this company, and am encouraging my friends that they can safely travel to India this way! Warmly, Althea
Submitted on: 25-November-2005
Dear Roy: Wow what a fantastic 9 days!!!! Thanks for all your help and hospitality. Let me tell you Roy that when I first found you via the internet all my friends advised me not to go with you. They all recommended the government based tour agents. I took the risk and booked you and now I am very happy that I did. Your timely response and valuable advised helped me to get the best bank for my buck. We appreciated your patience and professionalism in replying all my emails with hundreds of questions. Your advised certainly helped us to create our own ternary. We are more than pleased with your services and of course your friendly and pleasing personality made us comfortable during our entire journey. We liked your up front style when giving information and prices. Of course we did not get any surprises during our trip. Your driver Munna is just like you and very professional and friendly. His driving and friendly service is second to none. What we liked most about is, we were able to do what we wanted to do and you were more than willing to accommodate our requests. Overall we enjoyed our tour and will not hesitate to recommend to any one coming from overseas. We have done many tours in many different countries but we will definitely use your service without any hesitation in the future. We hope we could do the Varnasi and Odessi tours in the near future. Once again thank you very much for making our trip a memorable one not only in our minds but in our hearts too. Your service is second to none. You are one of the exceptions when comes to punctuality. RegardsReuben & Ruth Mississauga, Ontario Canada
Submitted on: 30-November-2005
My wife and I were about 20 days in Rajasthan with Gautam Roy\'s driver and we are very satisfied of the services provided. This company is very reliable and respects our needs. We really recommend Gautam\'s business. Do not hesitate to contact me should you need any information about our trip to Rajasthan. Ma femme et moi sommes alles au Rajasthan environ 20 jours avec les services de la compagnie de Gautam Roy et nous sommes tres satisfaits.C\'est une compagnie tres fiable qui a respecte chacun de nos besoins. Nous recommandons fortement cette compagnie. N\'hesitez pas a me contacter si vous voulez avoir plus d\'information.
Submitted on: 03-March-2006
Marta Duenas
We are delighted with our tour! Deepak and Gautam helped us from the beginning: planning, meeting us at the airport, inspiring confidence. Deepak\'s safe and steady driving and the information he provided were very reassuring. Our tour was a good mixture of Nature and cultural sites. We were lucky to see four tigers at Ranthambore Nature Reserve and we loved the forts in Rajasthan and, of course, the Taj Mahal. We recommend their tours without reservations!
Submitted on: 21-April-2006
Dr.Vixara Dr.Vixara Dr.Vizara After looking at many websites for my trip to India I chose for Gautam Roy and this was a great choice. I sent lots of emails asking him about all sorts of things and he always answered all my questions. We arrived on 19th March and he was there at the airport to pick us up. We met with our driver Deepak and then we went home with Gautam, where we discussed our trip and then had breakfast together.My friends luggage had not arrived (GULF AIR) so Gautam took us to the market to buy clothes.The next morning we left for Rajasthan with Deepak but not before Gautam had sorted out the missing luggage, which was delivered to us before we left Delhi. Deepak is a great driver and he took care of us all the time. We travelled to Jhunjuni, Bikaner, Jailsalmer, Jodhpur, Ranakpur, Udaipur, Pushkar,Jaipur, Ranthambore, Keoladeo and Agra. Deepak made sure that that everything was ok and when I couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t find any tonic to mix with my gin, Deepak searched all over town to find it for me. Thanks very much Deepak. Whenever we wanted to stop to take pictures......many times.....he never complained and always waited for us till we were ready with all the pics and video\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s. Deepak knows all the sights. He would always wait for us in the evening when we had finished our meal at the restaurants. One evening Agra....we were late 50 minutes but he waited for us without a complaint. When we arrived in Delhi Gautam had arranged our next trip to Orissa. That evening he took us to a wonderful restaurant near his home: great food. Next morning Gautam put us on the train to Orissa where we arrived 28 hours later. We were picked up by Samar who was to accompany us for the next 12 days. We visited many temples in Bhubaneswar and then went to visit the tribes in Orissa. We visited little villages where we were invited by the local people to visit their homes and to have lunch with them. On our way we met many dancers and actors: we enjoyed their performances. We spent 31 wonderful days in Rajasthan and Orissa knowing that Gautam was always in touch with the cellphone. He phoned every day to ask if everything was ok and each time we had to report that there were no problems at all. Our trip to India was a great experience and we want to thank Gautam, Deepak and Samar. I took lots of pictures, more than 2000, and lots of video (6 hours) and hope to have them online soon. Dear Gautam, thanks for everything and we\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll be in touch. Namaste, mariette Submitted on: 08-09-2006 Submitted on: 08-September-2006 Submitted on: 11-October-2006
Submitted on: 17-October-2006
Beatrice and Traude/ Germany
Dear Roy, Deepak is the best driver of the world, a genius! We felt so safe in your beautiful car and he looked after us like a father for his children. His eyes were everywhere. We had wonderful time in Rajasthan. We never expected that it would be so beautiful! The day of Deewali we have been in Bikaner, and we had free drinks from the owner of that hotel, so thank him again. 1 will recommend your website and we were happy that we booked the tour with you. And many thanks to Smita! Heartily, Beatrice and Traude 23/ 10/06
Submitted on: 26-October-2006
Paul Tompkins/ Vandi Verma
Our trip to Agra from Delhi was overall a very enjoyable experience. Our driver was a very friendly man and sicere (and a safe driver). He allowed us time to take photo along the way, and got us to all our destinations on time. Our tour guide was also quite friendly and knowledgeable. The hotel Royale’ Residency was reasonable one, nice and conveniently located. We’d eventually like to book again with Liberty India Travel for an extensive tour of Rajasthan.
Submitted on: 26-October-2006
Erwin Unterauer
The ‘Golden Triangle Tour” which I booked with you turned out to be as pleasant as expected. The 5 days flow by so fast, especially the short stay in Pushkar. There it has got some special “flair” and in addition, the hotel had a nice swimming pool surrounded by fields of roses, quite remarkable location. Above all, the hotels were clean which is important for me in order to catch no diseases easily. Once we started this trip, Deepak showed me the reference other travelers wrote to him. I can fully agree to their statements that Deepak is a very agreeable fellow, was always on time, drove me safely through out Rajasthan and Delhi. I wish you all the best. Regards Erwin Austria
Submitted on: 26-October-2006
Lucia/ Mathew
I am happy to say that me and Lucia were very much satisfied and happy about Mr. Roshan’s service. I would like to add that he has always been very professional and kind. We have to thank him for the great journey in Rajasthan and Agra. Sincerely Mathew Corlj
Submitted on: 26-October-2006
Oliver & Wolfong
We like to thank Gautam Roy for the fantastic organization of our 12 days trip to Rajasthan. We also like to thank our fabulous driver Shyam for making this trip a marvelous experience. We felt all the time being accompanied by a very good and old friend. We will keep this holiday in our hearts forever…………………………………………………….. Good Luck to you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Srimanta Banerjee
Our 14 days travel in Delhi and Rajasthan organised by Liberty India Travel was excelent and every moment was memorable. Goutam Roy guided us very correctly to make a good iteninary for the trip and his quick responses of all my e-mails will be always appreciated. Our tour conductor Sankar was very professional and became our friend, guide and some time gave us good medical tips also. His polite nature and professional advices for shoping and food was very useful to us. Car and hotels selection were also very good and were very much to foreign tourist standard. I will always recomend to my friends to us Liberty India Travel for tourism in India.
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Mrs. Urmila Banerjee/ Toronto, Canada
Liberty India Travel is the most reliable travel agency that I came to know. Mr. Gautam Kr. Roy took care of my travel planning very well. I travelled in Rajasthan and Rishikesh. He planned it in such a way that I enjoyed every moment of it. He made my holiday a memorable one. Mr. Gautam Roy and his driver Deepak is a great combination. Deepak became our guide and a friend. I wish all other agencies were a good as good as Liberty India Travel.
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Teresa Woyczynski/ Jillian Jolly USA
We are very pleased with Liberty India Travel. While arranging our trip in the US, all emails from Roy were detailed and courteous. He is very organized and efficient at this business. Upon arrival, Deepak was wonderful immediately. We love Deepak! He took good care of us at all times and helped us in every way he could. he went above and beyond to make sure we had a good time. He has a kind & lovely personality and it was very pleasant to travel with him. We were glad to be able to pay with credit card our first night in Delhi. Delhi hotel was fine. Hotel in Corbett- Roop Resort was wonderful. The service was excellent! We wish we knew before our arrival that the actual Corbett Reserve was closed, maybe we would have altered our plan. But overall, we had a great stay there and they did a good job entertaining us even though the reserve was closed. We went for a beautiful walk in the jungle, they provided us with a great guide whom we loved. He and Deepak even built a bridge to help us to cross the river. Also Deepak is a very good driver. ///////////////////////////////////////// As for Rishikesh, we really were not very fond of the hotel. I do not recommend using this hotel again. The shower did not function, the toilet also did not function. The service was decent, the people were kind, but slightly unorganised.///////////////// Thank you for everything Roy, Deepak. We have enjoyed your services and we will certainly recommend you to our friends at home……………. Oh, but I wish, I saw an Elephant also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Andrea & Bazzy
Hi Roy, We like a lot our Rajasthan Tour with Jay. He is a good driver and he has experience to suggest us hotels and restaurants. Besides he told us lots of things about monuments and Indian way of life. But the most important thing is that he’s been very friendly, and for us this is the difference between a “HOLIDAY” and a “VERY GOOD HOLIDAY”. Bye….
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Elena Orsini
The bus was ok and the driver was carefull. Its very difficult to drive in Mandawa!!! but he was clever and skillful in this traffic. He was always quite and never nervous. He was also quiet and gentle with us. We thank you!!!!!
Submitted on: 17-January-2007
Nicky Wiseman, William Kendrick/ UK
Delhi – Agra – Ranthambore – Jaipur – Delhi BOOKING: From first contact Liberty were very much friendly and informative. We appreciated the suggestion of more than one hotel at each city within our budget. The addition of Ranthambore was genius – we loved it. We were really pleased with the whole booking process! OUR TRIP: We were escorted in the airport by Deepak & Mr. Roy… it was a great tour! The hotels were all satisfactory, but the Jaipur hotel was most satisfactory. Staffs were also first class. We were slightly disappointed in Ranthambore’s resort, where the food was not good, and lack of hot water was a problem. DEEPAK: A huge asset to Liberty India travel is your driver Deepak……He is polite, informative and very professional at all times.. he is more than a driver….This is a trip, we cant imagine surviving without him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will recommend Liberty India Travel to any of our friends who are coming to India. Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted on: 20-January-2007
Bruno Caniglia/ Italy
I am very happy about the Rajasthan tour. The hotels were good and clean. The driver Jay is really very good. We have to appreciate him for his professionalism and sincerity.
Submitted on: 20-January-2007
We have found our driver, day, excellent. He is a very comfortable drives and a polite and helpful person. He was very reliable and always arrived at time (at pick up arrangements) he is also consuentainss, in that he would ensure our hotel booking and rooms were satisfactory; we had refreshments at appropriate location and we were comfortable during long periods during in the car.
Submitted on: 21-February-2007
Raul E. Ramboyong/ Philippines
No word, whether in English, Filipino or even in Hindi can appropriately describe the beauty, wonders, excitement and many more super adjectives this amazing trip of a lifetime, which we will always cherish the rest of our lives which is one of the best so far!… A trip that was four years in the making and which was made a reality through LIBERTY TRAVEL INDIA. This trip certainly made us appreciate the beauty and marvels of mystical India. Its beautiful sites, unique culture, delicious food and must of its entire wonderful and friendly people. Thank you LIBERTY TRAVEL; especially it’s kind and efficient staff. Thanks to Roy for all the coordination and arrangement!! Thanks to Smita for your pertinence and efficiency in communicating with us in making this tour possible!! All the arrangements were organized. Hotel were superb, comfortable and fantastic!! And of course, to Shaym who acted multiple roles during our 14 days stay in Rajasthan. He was our driver, tour guide, adviser, guardian, father and certainly ending as our good friend!! He was very concerned for our safety; comfort and he always made a point to take our time and enjoy every moment in every site we visited. He was a perfect assistant with our shopping spree! And thank you for showing to us a sincere, genuine, and wonderful Indian Hospitality in your home!! He is highly recommendable!! We will certainly comeback every year to visit India and recommend LIBERTY INDIA TRAVEL because India is truly incredible!!! Million thanks and mabuhay!! Raul E. Ramboyong, M.D./ Joseph Michael, M.D.
Submitted on: 24-February-2007
29.8.04 Finally I had the holiday I had always dreamt for !!Going around a country with a guide to explain traditions, culture and history is simply GREAT!! Gautam will be your guide, your philospher and friend! It is true that he is always smiling…….but not only that he is also very very funny! Ask him to explain how Gandhi walked “Totally fast with his stick throughout India, ……..tuck……tuck…..tuck – totally fast”. Ask him to listen to some music and to suggest you what to eat. Go with him walking around and enjoy the dandy view of Himalayas! ………and take care of him……..because he is really nice!CIAO, Gautam! Thank you for the great time!
Submitted on: 13-March-2007
Mrs. Jennifer Luscombe/ UK
Company: Email arrangements were very good; always prompt response from Smita and most courteous. Requests for changes to initial itinerary were made efficiently. It would be a good idea to offer different package rates for standard and more expensive ‘superior’ hotels/rooms. We like to see what we are getting for our money! Itinerary: 16 days is ideal for both sightseeing and traveling long distances. Flexibility of place is important for a personal experience and your company provides this type of itinerary. Take care with hotel and room selection! Driver: always smartly dressed and presented. Good time arrangements and collected us on time agreed. Clean car and reliable. Driver helpful and good conversation. Organized nice guides for us. Skillful driving in scary Indian traffic.
Submitted on: 13-March-2007
Mr. M. Jayaram/ USA
We toured Rajasthan between March 2nd and 10th through your agency. The arrangements were very good. We had no problem at any hotels. Our best experience was in Park Plaza in Jaipur and Rangmahal in Jaisalmer. Our car driver Sushant Sarkar was absolutely wonderful. His driving was very good, safe and he kept us engaged with his CDs and conversation. We have no hesitation in recommending your agency or Mr. Sarkar’s service to our friends. Thanks. Sheela & M. Jayaram
Submitted on: 14-March-2007
Susan & Austin Johnson/ USA
Mahendra Singh is an excellent driver and protective of both my son and myself. He is very knowledgeable about the Hindu religion and enlightened us on Hindu customs and mythology, our trip to Haridwar and going to the cremation ceremony was an emotional unifying experience. He went out of his way to ensure that we got the most out of our experience. He acted as our guide as well as our driver in many situations. You have a true gem of an employee. All of our Hotels were adequate with the hotels in Delhi, Jaipur, and Orchha being superb. I realize there were limited hotels in Khajuraho. Our hotel in Varanasi was fine but Varanasi is a very dirty city, but the boat ride on the Ganges was an experience beyond words. We did not know about the cremations or sinking of the dead bodies. I was surprised when a head floated by the boat. Mahendra had to move over his car through a very tight and long driveway to the Ganga Beach Resort. We have nothing but accolades regarding his driving skills. Again thank you for choosing Mahendra as our driver. We have a few critiques, which do not involve Mahendra. We went to a block printing shop where we purchase hand tailored shirts and two outfits for myself. After going to other silk areas, we realized we probably paid 4X as much as we would elsewhere. It is a learning experience as in the United States. We do not haggle over prices; just pay what the merchant charges. I purchase tailored outfits in Delhi for a quarter of the price (without haggling) and as good quality, also the guide through the old village in Khajuraho is a money making scam and the children do not benefit from donations. I don’t think this should be included for other tourist. Again, we cannot say enough well about Mahendra, we truly enjoyed our time with him. Thanks Susan & Austin Johnson
Submitted on: 27-March-2007
Laurynas & Lily/ Lithuania
To Whom It May Concern: We are glad that we chose Liberty India Travel for our journey through India! We are in the middle of our journey but till now the travel agency delivered everything what it promised. Especially we enjoy service and company of our driver Mr. Mahendra Singh!!!! He knows his job very well, is friendly and keen, explained us much about culture, traditions and other thing of Indian people. Driving in India is chaotic and dangerous, but driving skills of Mr. Singh will let you enjoy safe and interesting travelling by car. At least till now we highly recommend to use services of Liberty India Travel and their co-worker Mr. Singh!!!! Laurynas and Lily from Lithuania
Submitted on: 05-April-2007
Dez & Maggie Stait
Maggie and Dez Stait Trip to Rajasthan –Driver Whom it may concern: Firstly, we Dez and Maggie Stait, would like to say how superb a driver Sushant: has been throughout our trip from Delhi, throughout Rajasthan, and back. He has faced some very difficult and dangerous traffic conditions and handled them extremely well. His quiet kindness and respect for us throughout have been a joy to behold. He has always fulfilled any small requests and helped us to find good places to eat with a smile. Actual trip remarks concerning Hotels, Guides etc. 1). Mandawa Haveli:- Excellent introduction to Rajasthan, could not have been better. 2). Rangmahal (Jaisalmer):- Wonderful hotel, however too far from center for us to go off & potter about. Guide on his own schedule rushing us from pillar to post, we continually asked to stop sit on a roof top restaurant, but were denied that rest (unshaven). But had hoped for a substitute. 4 & half hours spent at hotel that day. 3). Harasar Haveli:- Good hotel, Sushant took us to Fort, v-good. 4). Inn Season (Jodhpur):- Busy road by railway track dirty full of mosquitos. 5). Hill Resort (Ranakpur):- Wonderful trip. 6). Rajputana Resort (Udaipur):- Excellent trip. 7). Master Paradise (Pushkar):- Major building in progress. 8). Umaid Mahal:- Excellent hotel & service. 9). Hotel in Agra:- Arrived very tired after horrendous journey to find there had a party going on hotel until 1.30 pm. Room over. Restaurant:- Noise from staff. Disappointing Taj to guide. 10). Florence Inn:- Building going on, next door. Good staff, nice hotel. The Guides:- Agra:- We were rushed around the Taj Mahal, such a shame as it is a once in a lifetime glimpse. Udaipur:- Krishna Das- Excellent. Jaipur:- Average guide. General Comments:- On reflection the offer of a four wheel drive (at extra cost) would have been a good suggestion – people not used to India find the driving & heat exhausting. The standard of the hotels met our criteria. But the noise aspect left us tired, spoiling the enjoyment. A more detailed list of options available in the areas would be helpful to the first time visitors to help their plan & full their time fruitful. Although we became very tired & sometimes distraught, by sleepless nights we enjoyed. All the sights of Rajasthan with your company. We certainly feel it was good value for money. It was also very comfortable to know that Sushant & Mr. Roy were always available in the event of a problem. Dez & Maggie Stait.
Submitted on: 06-April-2007
Andra Bomanson, Richard Dade & Hope Dade from Devon U.K.
Andra Bomanson, Richard Dade & Hope Dade from Devon U.K. We would warmly recommend Liberty Travel to any of our friends. Liberty Travel has been efficient & helpful from the start of enquiry to the end of our trip. The itinerary was well planned & the hotels booked were good. Our driver Deepak was helpful, reconsiderate & flexible. This is a good way of seeing India in a more relaxing way. We hope to travel with you again.
Submitted on: 16-April-2007
Geoff and Pam/ Kovalam
Hi, Roy.Thanks for our fabulous trip to Agra and Jaipur. Would recommend you to anyone. Geoff and Pam
Submitted on: 18-April-2007
Alyson Johnson
Alyson Johnson Group. April 07 The trip was well organized & well co-ordinated. We had a fantastic drive, Shankar who was really helpful & considerate. He was very knowledgeable about all the areas we visited & was able to help us find various places to sleep, eat & relax. The highlights of the trip were Ramthambore & Jaisalmer which were lovely both in terms of the accommodation but more importantly the sights. Superb holidays, Shankar is a great driver who made the whole thing enjoyable. Would recommend Liberty Travel & Shankar to friend who wants to visit India in the future. As everyone says above we were really pleased with our holidays & had an excellent holidays. Our driver Shankar was brilliant & wise. In short we enjoyed our holidays. The accommodation was particularly good in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur & Ranthambore. We will be happy to recommend. Many thanks. Alyson Johnson.
Submitted on: 21-April-2007
Miss Lisa
Dear Sirs, We have to congratulate with you for the perfect organization of the travel and in particular, for choosing of the guide. Mr. Rakesh was a perfect Driver and skilled Guide. And showed always a very friendly and warm attitude to us. In every moment he was at our disposal with a smile on his face. The travel in itself was adherent to the program and all the hotels were of very good quality. We will advice all our friends who are interested in visiting India to ask for your assistance, and we will recommend them to ask for the official service of Mr. Rakesh.
Submitted on: 29-May-2007